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Residential property surveys for sellers

Selling a property is a big decision and you want to ensure you maximise on the value of your investment. Why choose us? Established, Experienced, Membership, Reputable, Quality, Vision. Tyser Greenwood Chartered Surveyors’ carefully structured Central Support Team are available to guide you through the entire property surveying process, ensuring you are kept informed at

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How to sell your house – a guide to moving home

How to sell your house – our guide to moving home Selling a property can be a stressful process. There’s a lot to bear in mind, including getting your finances in order and marketing your home in the best possible light to potential buyers. Our guide to selling your property explains the whole process, step-by-step…

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Residential property surveys for buyers

Buying a property is a large investment and you want to ensure that it is a sound one. Having a residential property survey completed on your potential property purchase will ensure that you can make an informed decision before committing to making a purchase. Tyser Greenwood Chartered Surveyors are trusted experts in residential surveying solutions.

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Buying a property? How to choose the right home survey

No matter how stylish, homely and structurally-sound a property looks, homebuyers never quite know what lies beneath the brickwork, flooring and ceilings. In order to know exactly what you are buying, and to avoid any nasty (and expensive) surprises when you move in, it’s vital that a professional home survey is carried out before you

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What is residential surveying?

What is residential surveying? Surveying is a complex and multi-faceted profession, with people specialising in a wide range of niche disciplines, from looking at façades (the external envelope of a building) to geomatics (the 2D and 3D measurement of a space). In this blog, we’re going to concentrate on one area relevant to those buying

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How plants and trees will affect your property

When your Chartered Surveyor undertakes a survey on your property it is important that you make them aware of any plants and trees that may pose a danger or cause structural damage to the property over time. Whilst a rambling garden and plenty of wild hedgerow can be appealing to the eye of a potential

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Why do you need a home survey?

An important part of your property buying process is a home survey. A full Building Survey will highlight any current or forthcoming issues with your potential property purchase, meaning you are fully informed before you buy. You've had your Mortgage Valuation, so why do you need another one? Mortgage Valuations do not provide a

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