How plants and trees will affect your property

When your Chartered Surveyor undertakes a survey on your property it is important that you make them aware of any plants and trees that may pose a danger or cause structural damage to the property over time. Whilst a rambling garden and plenty of wild hedgerow can be appealing to the eye of a potential buyer you should be aware of the potential defects too much topiary can cause to your property.

Trees and bigger plants can upset the foundations of your property especially if they are planted in close proximity to your property. Roots can disrupt foundations and suck moisture from the ground, this can lead to subsidence (ground movement). It is worth noting that the roots of a tree can extend as far as two-and-a-half times its height and the damage they cause can be costly to repair. Another plant to be wary of is Ivy and other wall climbers. Ivy has been know to lift roof tiles and break guttering, also if they grow into the mortar joints of your property this can lead to persistent damp problems.

A well kept garden can add value to your property and is something buyers look for, just be wearing of plants taking over the house. Your Chartered Surveyor will make you aware of any plants and tress that maybe already causing or could cause damage to the property.

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