Get your home ready for a survey

Get your home ready for a survey

Once you have secured a buyer for your home, if they need a mortgage their lender will require a mortgage valuation to confirm the value of your property.

Additionally, they may choose to have a RICS HomeBuyer Report or RICS Building Survey carried out, in order to help understand the true condition of the property prior to committing to the expenditure.

In order to minimise the disruption a surveyor may cause, we advise carrying out these few simple steps prior to their arrival:

  1. Make sure areas with common problems are clear and easily accessible
  2. Make sure all windowsills are clear
  3. If you have any furniture against exterior walls, make sure you move it so the surveyor can get around
  4. Tidy throughout your home and garden in order to show off the full potential of the space.

When a surveyor comes to your property one of the things they will be looking for evidence is of on-going maintenance and upkeep, therefore a tidy and neatly presented home is likely to be valued higher than somewhere that is cluttered and messy.

Before committing to putting your home on the market it is worth thinking about the results a survey may flag. If you are concerned about the potential results it is best to try and fix any minor defects before actively marketing your property, this way you can maximise the value of your home.

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