Why do you need a home survey?

An important part of your property buying process is a home survey. A full Building Survey will highlight any current or forthcoming issues with your potential property purchase, meaning you are fully informed before you buy.

You’ve had your Mortgage Valuation, so why do you need another one?

Mortgage Valuations do not provide a fully comprehensive image of the status of your property. They are carried out solely to ascertain the property’s worth and decide whether it is a sound investment for your mortgage lender. This type of inspection is not detailed enough to reveal any structural issues with the property that may prove costly to fix at a later stage. It is best practice for your conveyancer to instruct a Chartered Surveyor to complete a fully home survey before your buy your home rather than just relying on the findings from a mortgage valuation.

A sound investment

Buying your home will likely be the most expensive purchase you make, so it is worthwhile investing some time and money in ensuring your investment is a sound one.

Getting a full Building Survey by a fully qualified Chartered Surveyor means that you know about any potential costly repair problems that your home may require. Having just brought your new home and invested your money, you do not want to be caught unaware and suddenly have to pay out for costly, unexpected repair work. A Building Survey will provide you with a list of these potential issues upfront so you are prepared for any cost – it allows you to confirm whether or not your new home is a sound long-term investment.

Advice you can trust

We have been providing quality surveying and valuations to our customers for over 100 years and we are RICS and ISO9001 regulated, so you can trust that the advice we provide you with is honest and detailed. We offer several different types of surveys to suit your individual requirements – if you want to find out more about the different types of surveys we offer, use our Service Comparison Table now.

Having a home survey will save you money in the future as it allows you to identify potentially costly repair works which will need to be undertaken. It will examine any existing and any future issues with the property meaning you can make an informed decision before purchase. A HomeBuyer Report tells you how urgent repairs are and provides a general condition rating of the property. The Building Survey is a more detailed insight into all the property defects. It looks at where these could have originated from and suggest a solution.

Advice from RICS

This short video by the regulating body RICS further explains the importance of getting a home survey.

Informed decisions

Having a home survey allows you to make a fully informed decision before purchasing your property. If it alerts you to any major repairs that need to be undertaken, a survey also provides you with an opportunity to renegotiate the purchase price. Your RICS survey provides an expert opinion which will support your renegotiation.

It is up to you, the buyer, to organise an independent home survey, but the benefits of knowing the full status of your property before your buy it mean this is a process that best practice dictates you undertake. If you need a property survey, contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote, call 0845 026 5987 or email info@tgsurveyors.co.uk today.

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